June 09, 2018

Medical History

As we collect death certificates to further our research for ancestors, we also look at cause of death. The medical terminology back then can be interesting to what we say today. Such as consumption, today is tuberculosis.

We also look for common causes of death. Maybe there is a common pattern in our family tree. Maybe not.

Six years ago, my Dad was diagnosed with dementia. At the time, I thought Alzheimer's would have sounded better than dementia. This is what little I knew. I knew his mother, my grandmother had dementia. As the years went by, she didn't know any of us.

I immediately attended a support group. I learned a lot and continue to learn more today.

Four years ago, my Dad needed to go to a care facility and a few months later, my mother needed to go to a care facility. My mother was diagnosed with a different type of dementia and later Parkinson's. My genealogical journey was put on hold. I need to be there for my parents.

It has been suggested multiple times that I create a blog to share what I have learned over the years and my experiences in this dementia and Parkinson's journey.

As I write about this journey, it would be helpful if visitors to this blog, let me know what they want to know. Any questions or comments are welcome. I've probably been there and can share my experience any in area that you can think of.

I may create a separate blog from my genealogical journey blog and I will provide a link.

February 18, 2014

How do you spell Haynen?

In various records like the Census reports in the United States and Canada, I have seen Haynen spelled:

Haynemen (who had the hiccup?). The only reason I found this spelling is because I was looking for the mother-in-law, Cronshaw.

I'm sure I will come across a few more variations. It really keeps my mind thinking about other possible creative ways people would spell the Haynen surname.

February 10, 2014

Family Tree Maker - Free Trial Access to Ancestry.com

The last two weeks, I've been downloading and merging source records from Ancestry.com. My upgrade to Family Tree Maker software included a two week trial access. The trial access only provided access to U.S. records. Almost half my tree is from Canada. This trial access was still very helpful. I now have lots of new records added to my tree for my U.S. ancestors and families.

Here is a link to Family Tree Maker, Essentials with a one-month trial access. Maybe next time I'll purchase the software at this price instead of upgrade, so I can have another two weeks of free access.

With all the new information, it's time to organize my paper records and do a comparison for what I'm missing and determine next steps.

January 27, 2014

David & Judith/Julia (Oldham) Lyon

I can trace my 3rd great-grandparents, David & Judith/Julia (Oldham) Lyon through the census records up to 1880 and I have a copy of their marriage record in Manchester, Dearborn County, Indiana. I've been having a hard time finding the cemetery they may be laid to rest.

I tried the Dearborn County, InGenWeb, Lawrence County, Indiana Public Library and Death Indexes.

I decided to try the Dearborn County, Indiana message board. I knew posting on the message board, my post would also go to the Dearborn County mailing list. Maybe I would receive a reply via the message board or the mailing list.

I was surprised that I received an immediate reply via the message board and extremely surprised with all the information the poster provided.

Poster's reply:

Their burials are not listed in Milton Masing's Book D of Cemetery records, which covers that area. But David and Judy Lyon are mentioned in relation to the Collier or Oldham Cemetery in York township.

Dearborn County Indiana Cemetery records volume D Jackson Township, Kelso Township, Manchester Township, York Township and addendum compiled by Milton A Masing 2008
P 281
Collier Ridge Cemetery (Y001)
a.k.a. Oldham Family Cemetery
16654 Collier Ridge Rd. E. one half section 26, T6N, R2W

Asariah Oldham purchased the land upon which this graveyard is located in 1831. He lived on this land with his wife Rachel passed away on October 14, 1840. Asariah is shown as living in York Township(probably on the same land) in 1850 with the following family members: and Jay., Be age 29; Rebecca, age 25; Rachel L. Age 17; Joseph B, age 7; and Rebecca J, age 5. Asariah's will with proven in Dearborn County in 1857 in books 3 on page 320. On the map of the County published in 1860, land in the area of the site was shown as being owned by A. Oldham and David Lyons. Until approximately 1880, this section of land was a part of Manchester Township instead of York Township.

Three early marriages in Dearborn County may also be related to Asariah and Rachel Oldham. On March 12, 1835 Mary Oldham married James E Merrick, on September 1, 1836 Judy Oldham married David Lyons, and on November 25, 1844 William Oldham married Senia Davis. Other Oldham family marriages probably also exist. My searching only covered the time period from 18 0321849. It should also be remembered that a fire in the courthouse in 1826 destroyed most of the early records.

When Mrs. Charlton and Mrs. Rose visited this site in 1976 they reported that they believe that there were possibly more stones here that are down, broken and partially buried from ground clutter. (end of information from book)

Some other Lyon information from the Lawrenceburg Register, don't know if it all applies:

Lawrenceburgh Register November 10, 1881 page 2
David H. Lyon to Christian Bergmann, 44 (11?) acres in York Township 575

Lawrenceburgh Register December 8, 1881 page 4
Wright's Corners
The Lyon brothers will start for their home in Arkansas in a few days. They are clever man, and we hope success may attend them.

Lawrenceburgh Register February 3, 1887 page 3
Wright's corner
Mr. Lyon is quite sick with pneumonia.

Lawrenceburg register 25 December 1884 page 30
Wright's Corners
Mrs. D.Lyon is suffering with the cancer.

Lawrenceburgh Register June 9, 1881 page 4
Cris. Borgman and Hanse Lyon had a fight on Saturday evening last. It seems Cris attacked Hanse with the club and gave him a few pelts, but not much damage done. The bad feelings brought up by a misunderstanding of the right of way through a piece of Hanse's land

Lawrenceburg register January 19, 1882 page 3
Mr. Ed. E. Lyon leaves with family for Arkansas the last of this week, intending to make that
state his permanent home.

Lawrenceburgh Register October 20, 1881 page 4
We learn that Hanson Lyon and family will soon start in a family boat for Arkansas. They intend to make that state their future home. Success to them.

Lawrenceburg register March 13,1879 page 2
Dr. Oliver Lyon, of Harrison, called on us on Friday last. The doctor is engaged successfully in the practice of medicine in Harrison.

Lawrenceburgh Register September 15, 1881 page 3
On last Monday night Messrs. John Lyon and Harry French started on their way to Arkansas on the land exploring expedition, and with the intention of remaining in that state. They will visit for a short time in Delaplane, where Chris Ritter is now located, and promised to occasionally let their friend here from them. The boys are industrious, and go with the intention of seeing all there is in lower Arkansas.

Lawrenceburgh Register January 16, 1879 page 2
Died, on the morning of 12 January, 1879, at the residence of Esq. Robertson in this place, Mrs. Charlotte Liddle, in the 40th year of her age. Mrs. Little was a daughter of the late Asariah Oldham, and the widow of the late John B Liddle. She was a lady well known in the community for uprightness, and a consistent member of the Methodist Church. Funeral services at West Fork Chapel on Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock by Rev. B Plummer.

Lawrenceburgh Register May 17, 1877 Marriage licenses John B.Liddle Charlotte Oldham
I am hopeful David & Judith are in the Oldham cemetery. Hopefully, someday I'll know for sure. I now have a timeline with My 2nd great-grandfather, Edward, and his brother, Hanson Lyon and families came to Arkansas. My great-grandfather, William Lyon, met and married my great-grandmother, Mattie Belle Peters, in Lawrence County, Arkansas. Also, most of these Lyon families are buried in Lawrence County, Arkansas.

January 20, 2014

Arkansas Birth Records

I finally sent in a form to purchase a copy of my Grandmother's birth record. Arkansas started keeping birth records in 1914. Gramma was born 1911, so I assumed they would have a "delayed" birth certificate. No such luck. I'm assuming in the 1970's when someone applied for Social Security benefits, they didn't have to show a birth certificate. Times have changed. Today, we do need a certified birth certificate.

The Social Security Death Index does show Gramma's birth date and I do have a copy of Gramma's Social Security card application. This will have to do for a birth date and location until I can think of another record.

January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Sometimes life happens and the genealogical journey is on hold. I'm back and I have a goal for this year.

This year, my goal is to post once a week. It could be about a discovery, organization, resources or a particular ancestor I'm researching.

Here's to 2014! and I'll see you (blog) next week.

April 09, 2012

Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid (OCFA)

Many years ago, I found the Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid web site. I have found ancestors and their cemetery locations through this database. I found Joseph Haynen and his family at Sandy Hill, Prescott, Grenville, Augusta and L&G-87-2, a book created by Leeds & Grenville Branch, OGS.

With the new Haynen information I found on the 1851 Census, I wondered if there was some new listings at the OCFA. Yes, there are new listings!

HAYNEN, Mary St James Anglican Grenville Augusta L&G-99-2-2

HAYNEN, Rebecca Port Hope Union Northumberland Hope LSGS-103

HAYNEN, William St James Anglican Grenville Augusta L&G-99-2-2

I thought it was odd that Rebecca was listed by her maiden name, since she was married to Francis Walker in 1864. I did a search for Francis in the same area.

WALKER, Francis (h/o Rebecca Haynen) Port Hope Union Northumberland Hope LSGS-103

It's still interesting that Rebecca is listed by her maiden name, but this is definitely her and her husband.

Next step was to find someone in Ontario that lives nearby these locations and can they provide additional information like birth and death dates.

Rebecca Haynen - 1851 Census

I searched Canada's 1861 Census for Quebec and Ontario and didn't find Rebecca. I forgot that a lot of pages in 1861 were not very readable. So maybe Rebecca is on one of of those pages.

I did find Rebecca and her family on the 1851 Ontario Census! via FamilySearch. There isn't such a thing as a perfect record, so I wasn't surprised at the spelling for Haynen as Hanan. Thank goodness that databases are now providing Soundex options. It's always been a challenge thinking about how somebody might have spelled our surname.

James Hanan birth: 1800 Ireland residence: 1851 Augusta,​ Grenville County,​ Canada West (Ontario),​ Canada

Mary Hanan birth: 1799 Ireland residence: 1851 Augusta,​ Grenville County,​ Canada West (Ontario),​ Canada

Eliza Hanan birth: 1835 Ireland residence: 1851 Augusta,​ Grenville County,​ Canada West (Ontario),​ Canada

Wm J Hanan birth: 1838 Ireland residence: 1851 Augusta,​ Grenville County,​ Canada West (Ontario),​ Canada

Joseph Hanan birth: 1841 Ireland residence: 1851 Augusta,​ Grenville County,​ Canada West (Ontario),​ Canada

Rebecca Hanan birth: 1844 Upper Canada residence: 1851 Augusta,​ Grenville County,​ Canada West (Ontario),​ Canada

Wm J is my 2nd-great grandfather. I now have a record that shows Joseph as his brother, two sisters, my 3rd great-grandparents and a timeline when the family came to Canada from Ireland. Joseph was born 1840 in Ballynahinch, County Down, Ireland and Rebecca was born about 1844 in Upper Canada.