September 24, 2010

Library and Archives - Canada

* Births, Marriages, Deaths
* Census
* Immigration and Citizenship
* Military
* Land
* Employment

View and print original images.

Canadian Genealogy Centre

I found Haynen ancestors in the 1891 Census of Canada and Soldiers of the First World War.

HP Creative Studio - Free Genealogy Scrapbook Kit

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HP Creative Studio - Free Genealogy Scrapbook Kit

September 14, 2010


I've been back and forth thinking about joining facebook. What all is involved? Do I have time to post messages? Well, a week ago, a cousin (third cousin twice removed) sent an invite. That finalized my decision. I joined facebook and now I think it's really cool. I added other friends (family, friends, old co-workers) and I've been adding other pages that I like such as and On my facebook page, I have a news feed page that displays posting for these facebook pages, including my other friends. With my busy schedule, I can take a quick look to see what everybody's been posting and chatting about. Then when I have time, I can post a note. There is much more I'm learning about and deciding what I want to try next, like a Family Tree Application. A friend said facebook has been very helpful in his genealogy research and I'm hoping I will have some luck, too.

The journey & classes

Since I was laid off in April 2009, I have been taking classes every quarter to pursue an Information Systems Associate of Arts Degree. A lot of the classes are related to the work I did as a data analyst and web developer for 14 years. Summer quarter, one class was American Culture. I really enjoyed this class because it related to genealogy research and how it helps to understand our ancestors' countries when we are doing research. I did my research report on genealogy research, too. It seems like most of us are in a rush to jump across the pond to find the original country are ancestors came from, including me. I realized my ancestors have been in the United States and Canada at least 100+ years. There is so much history on this continent that I would like to learn to help me understand why my ancestors chose to live where they did and what they did.

I am definitely going to do some more researching and reading about these various areas where my ancestors lived.

Fall quarter starts in a week. I hope to post some new information before then.

February 10, 2010

New Year's Resolutions for the Genealogist at Heart

Getting a head start on Spring cleaning, I came across this. Not sure where I came about it. I have it hanging my wall now. Enjoy!

Resolution #1: Organize what you have.
Resolution #2: Interview your older relatives.
Resolution #3: Computerize.
Resolution #4: Visit a Family History Center or genealogy library.
Resolution #5: Write out the "stories."
Resolution #6: Add your sources.
Resolution #7: Review your research.
Resolution #8: Clean up your database.
Resolution #9: Print our your data.
Resolution #10: Take the time to order documents.
Resolution #11: Concentrate on one area.
Resolution #12: Don't try to do everything.