February 18, 2014

How do you spell Haynen?

In various records like the Census reports in the United States and Canada, I have seen Haynen spelled:

Haynemen (who had the hiccup?). The only reason I found this spelling is because I was looking for the mother-in-law, Cronshaw.

I'm sure I will come across a few more variations. It really keeps my mind thinking about other possible creative ways people would spell the Haynen surname.

February 10, 2014

Family Tree Maker - Free Trial Access to Ancestry.com

The last two weeks, I've been downloading and merging source records from Ancestry.com. My upgrade to Family Tree Maker software included a two week trial access. The trial access only provided access to U.S. records. Almost half my tree is from Canada. This trial access was still very helpful. I now have lots of new records added to my tree for my U.S. ancestors and families.

Here is a link to Family Tree Maker, Essentials with a one-month trial access. Maybe next time I'll purchase the software at this price instead of upgrade, so I can have another two weeks of free access.

With all the new information, it's time to organize my paper records and do a comparison for what I'm missing and determine next steps.