June 09, 2018

Medical History

As we collect death certificates to further our research for ancestors, we also look at cause of death. The medical terminology back then can be interesting to what we say today. Such as consumption, today is tuberculosis.

We also look for common causes of death. Maybe there is a common pattern in our family tree. Maybe not.

Six years ago, my Dad was diagnosed with dementia. At the time, I thought Alzheimer's would have sounded better than dementia. This is what little I knew. I knew his mother, my grandmother had dementia. As the years went by, she didn't know any of us.

I immediately attended a support group. I learned a lot and continue to learn more today.

Four years ago, my Dad needed to go to a care facility and a few months later, my mother needed to go to a care facility. My mother was diagnosed with a different type of dementia and later Parkinson's. My genealogical journey was put on hold. I need to be there for my parents.

It has been suggested multiple times that I create a blog to share what I have learned over the years and my experiences in this dementia and Parkinson's journey.

As I write about this journey, it would be helpful if visitors to this blog, let me know what they want to know. Any questions or comments are welcome. I've probably been there and can share my experience any in area that you can think of.

I may create a separate blog from my genealogical journey blog and I will provide a link.